Affiliate Marketing Does It Work?

Affiliate Marketing Does It Work

Asking a question like, “Affiliate marketing does it work?” is a sophomoric question, period! I’m not trying to insult you, honestly. You maybe asking this question simply because you don’t understand what “affiliate marketing” is all about. Frankly, affiliate marketing at its most basic level is just like a representative marketing model.

In a representative marketing model you have a salesperson who represents you in the marketplace.  The representative takes your product(s)/service(s) to a target audience in hope of make sales for commissions. So, really it is a commission sales position.

Yes, it has changed, indeed. But then, the Internet has changed everything all across the board, agreed?

Here is what you need to be successful in affiliate marketing:

  1. Tenacity – Going to stick with it till  you win no matter what!!
  2. Great Training or a Mentor – A web platform which provides all the affiliate marketing training you’ll need. If you chose to employ a mentor then you’ll need a person who will hold you accountable, track your success, regularly encourage & check-in on you.
  3. Financing – You should have enough money to oil the wheels. You don’t need a lot. However, having a couple of thousand dollars placed in the right areas will help you get traction.
  4. Not be Technophobic – Yes, doing online affiliate marketing requires learning technology marketing! 😉

Yes, affiliate marketing does work, period! I have joked a long time with people I have trained. If you put a sales letter on a dog’s collar and the dog sees enough people the dog will make a sale.

So, affiliate marketing is about hooking a targeted audience to a great product(s)/service(s) for which they have a great need to have. It really is that simple.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) can provide two of the things you are going to need to be successful:

  1. Great affiliate marketing training.
  2. Great mentors to be found in the WA community.

Here’s what you’ll like about Wealthy Affiliate the community, training, tools of the trade and many more additional benefits too numerous to name.

Answers to the “Affiliate Marketing Does It Work” Question:

Here’s a member who documents his progress inside Wealthy Affiliate training site! This screen shot shows the traffic he has built to his website via great content:

So, is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? I guess so…

Here’s another WA member’s claim to fame:

So, what does it all cost? Great question…

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