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It is super hard to create all the products and content by oneself. This is why you need a great resource for private label rights & resell rights products. In this articles we speak directly to this issue.
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In affiliate marketing one of the best, fast, and most awesome ways to rapidly turn a dollar is marketing someone else’s product. There are a lot of ways to turn a buck. This article will outline a few of them.

First, you can just find great affiliate products to promote. Most of the affiliate platforms will tell which products are having the greatest success.

Once you have selected a product you can promote it directly. Simply, go to Google Adwords, Microsoft’s ad platform or any of the social media platforms and just by targeted traffic direct to your affiliate link.

Obviously, this works, but it isn’t the best way to affiliate market. Primarily as an affiliate marketer your biggest, most important duty to yourself is to build a strong list of buyer leads. Once you have a buyer list you can make money at will. Really, it is push button money emailing to a list of buyers.

Since, building a list is super important, you need to direct all traffic to your opt-in landing page when and where possible. This mean you need an irresistible squeeze page opt-in offer. There are few ways of accomplishing this.

First, you can write your own report speaking to a critical problem your target audience is facing. However, a quicker way is to find a private label rights (PLR) product speaking to the issue you’re targeting. It is even better if it has resale rights that come with it.

You can find PLR almost anywhere about every topic on earth, just about! Although, what you are really looking for is high quality PLR. It should come with everything you need to launch:

1. Squeeze Page
2. PSD Customizable Graphics
3. Product Sales Page
4. Product Download Page
5. A Good Keyword List for Generating Your PPC Keywords
5. PLR Rights TXT File

Hopefully, you’ll already have an autoresponder like Aweber or Get Response to plug-in to your squeeze page. If you don’t here’s some good information on purchasing and setting up an autoresponder for lead capture.

All the leads you generate from your squeeze page will have some value, but you should alway segment you buyer leads from the tire kicker leads. The real value and best fan bases are made up of buyers.

Okay, once you have your PLR product you’re now ready to make it your own. You must change the graphics. You should rewrite the copy as well, although it’s not completely necessary. It is best practice. You want your buyers to believe it is fresh and they have not run across the information before!

Lastly, you’ll need a payment platform. I recommend either stripe or PayPal. I uses PayPal primarily. There are a lot of them. Me, I’m just a creature of habit. You should just find one you like and are comfortable and know how to use and believe it to be stable.

Since, you have customized your content, squeeze page, sales page, download page and have it hosted under a keyword rich domain you are ready. You can now push real targeted traffic to the content. The one thing you’ll have left to do is to optimize conversions.

You should always be split testing between two or three squeeze page designs, product offerings and sales pages. Once you find one that works it’s time to see if you can bet the control by continuing to split test every component.

Affiliate Products Promote Income
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Finally, the one thing your going to need to have the ability to do sound split testing is a variety of giveaways. You should also have bonuses you offer in addition to the core offering. These bonuses need to be soundly aligned with your core offering.

Again, there are a lot of platforms for grabbing PLR, but my favorite is one I stumbled upon several years back. It is Jeremy Gislason’s Surefire Wealth’s Silver Membership. Here he publishes some of the finest PLR on the web.

My wife (Gloria) and I approached him about allowing us to give our followers a free access to his Silver Membership, which he allowed. This is at no cost or obligation to you. You should at least check it out. I think you be glad you did. Plus, I hope it takes care of your resale product needs. 😉

If you’re going to be serious about being an affiliate marketer then this is membership you’ll be glad you claimed. I mean afterall it is free with no strings attached. So, you should go ahead and take action. Please, be sure to comeback and give us feedback it is appreciated.

In conclusion, we have outlined the fairly basic fundamentals to really fast money as an affiliate marketer revamping premade product for resell! Hope you have enjoyed the read! See you next time.

Affiliate Products Promote
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