Resell Rights Products And The 9 Secret Steps It Takes To Sell Them

Resell Rights Products
Resell Rights Products Work From home
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Before you can start selling resell rights products, you need to know what your niche is going to be, and who you are selling and what they’ll buy. You should work on a customer avatar at your earliest convenience!
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Here is how to claim resell rights products. Then you can market them for profit! When it comes to reselling ebooks, reports, software, video, audio and other products you must have a system. There are a lot of private label rights (PLR) for profits training programs on the web. The best advice is to buy restricted rights PLR and then treat the PLR you purchase as a template.

PLR products are templates save a massive amount of creative time and energy. You can really get good at cranking out products to resell. The important thing for you to remember is you get to keep 100% of the profits as this products sell.

This is the exciting part of starting a resell rights products publishing company. Or. some people use these products to help them in their sales efforts. As a, let’s say web design company, you might take a piece of PLR and revamp into a how to on building a winning website. PLR is a short cut to creating awesome information for your audience.

Private label resell rights products also make great list building material. Create content your can give to your ideal prospects in exchange for their contact information. The very important thing to remember is content must be awesome and informative.

Most people have more month than they have money. This may be you and is why you’re looking into resell rights products. Well their is some really good news for you. This is work, but there are methods to achieve success. If you will follow eight simple steps! You must be willing to create a system you can live with, then you’ll have extra money.

Making money online with resale rights is a way for people to earn an online income. Learn how you can make money online with e-book and software master resale rights. It requires some work, but once you’ve gotten the hold of it, you can decide how much you want to earn each day!

Resell Rights Products & Steps To Take To Become A Publisher

Step 1

Resell Rights Products - Publisher
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Pick a niche you can talk about all day. It needs to be exciting and in your wheelhouse. You don’t have to be an expert, just passionate. You’ll learn more specifics as you grow. You probably already know more than the average person. As people start thinking about a thing they start looking for people talking about it. If you have a blog and are blogging it then you’re the expert, right.

It really is this simple. However, you become even more of expert as you take resell rights products and mold them into your understand and take of the niche. This is what makes it all work. You can learn a little more about developing niche here.

Step 2

Okay, here’s where the fun begins. You’ll need a better understanding of the resell rights products market concerning product selection, licenses, etc. I struggle to be a self promoter, but I do have a book have developed which can help you here. I have it on sell too! Here’s link to learn more about it. It’s a short read and will give you a great over all understanding of this topic.

Once you have consumed this report, you’ll want to go looking for product in your niche. There is an abundance of products which are available. All you need do is go to Google and copy and paste this search into good ole Google: inurl:”private label rights” +your niche

Then find one or a pack and purchase it!

Step 3

Your going to need a website or webpage from which to sell your PLR. The report I directed you to earlier actually includes resell rights. Yes, you can buy to read and then put it up for sale on your own brand. I also included a sales & download page. All you have to do is modify it and make it your own. In fact, you’ll find a lot of resell rightd products come with a sales page among other things. This industry is pretty cool.

You can use, of course, wordpress or any other platform. But, you will need a way for your customers to get involved. Hope you enjoy my product, but most importanly It should give you a big leg up to getting a product up and making money from it!

Step 4

You’ll be needing a way to process credit cards. Let me recommend two great ones. First, probably the one I use most is PayPal. It is easy to get signed up. It is easy to set your account up as a busienss account. You can then order a debit card to use one sales start coming. They really have robust platform. It had its problems too, just like most banks and processors. They’re no different. However, they do appreciate their customers and they have awesome customer support. Plus, and this is a big PLUS, you get your funds the same day, in moments of the transaction!!

Your second choice is Stripe. Stripe, too, is straight forward to get set up and begin using. It’s user interface is not as intuitive as PayPal’s, but it is user friendly. They unlike PayPal deposit directly to your bank or you can set up a Prepaid Debit card. Most Prepaid Debit cards have a bank routing number and account number which is all Stripe ask you to have. Stripe takes seven days to get your first transaction and from then on you’ll have your money in 3 to 4 days depending upon the day of the week the transaction takes place.

Step 5

Okay, now you’re going to need targeted traffic. You’ll want as much of it as you can, but you’ll need to make sure it is targeted! The fastest way to get highly targeted traffic is paid traffic. This would be platforms like Google Adwords (Pay Per Click, PPC), Facebook Ads (Pay Per Click, PPC), Bing Ads… Etc. You’ll need some training on these PPC platforms or you’ll loose your shirt. I’ve been doint online marketing for more than 15 years. I really do only have one platform I recommend for learning online marketing and it is Wealthy Affiliate, here’s a link! They have a free membership level and the free level is worth it just because of the community. They reall are helpful!

Step 6

Resell Rights Products - PublisherYou’ll want to be collecting all the emails from every vistor you get. One of the best ways is a free report, free download, free video training or free webinar. You’ll need an auto-responder. Auto-responders are a dime a dozen. I use and highly recommend Aweber (my affiliate link); however, there are others like Mail Chimp, iContact and Constant Contact, etc.! Here’s a list of auto-repondears

You’ll need an autoreponder to set up for your sales page & download page. It’s important to make every breathing living soul coming to your website touches to sign up and get on your list, if possible. The real money is really in the list.

You can build a list by meeting a need. You ideal customer has a need or is challenged with a proplem. Here’s the kicker, you have their solution. Now, all you need to do is give them the answer, software or show them you can solve their problem all in exchange for first name & email address. It must be a win/win situation. This exchange of information is done via what is referred to as a squeeze page, more about this later.

Step 7

Increase your conversion rates with one simple trick. You’ll be intersted to know the average website converts 1 to 2% of visitors to paying customers. Let’s talk about the process of taking conversion to double digits.

It is all in follow-up. You’ll need to build a sales funnel. A system if you will, which takes your customers from curious to buyer. Here’s the process at its most basic level…

Your customer is looking for solution to their problem. In my case, you (my customer) are looking for a way to make extra income. So, I write this blog where I bring lots of information about making money. Currently, I have at the top of the website a slide down offer. This is one of the ways I’m building my list. It is a free report on how to get your commission on products your promote faster.

In this scenario, once you click on my slide down offer bar, it takes you to a blog speaking to the issue of faster commissions. Then inside this downloadable report I gvie you the solution to faster commission in exchange for first name and primary email. Now, you are on my list!

Now, that your email address I can, about every other day, send you an email providing a little more education about faster commissions and making money at home. My job at this point is to you down a path to a more informed decision about becoming a resell rights products publisher by buying my how to report, right? My sales should sky rocket, if for no other reason than I’m getting the opportunity to ask you for your business multiple times, everytime you open my emails, right?

It really becomes a system of re-engagement where both parties win.

So this system looks like this seeker does a search for “make money from home” or some other similar search. They see a PPC advertisement and click. They land on my squeeze page where I give them my free report on how to get paid faster. This provides as to how to get paid faster…

It provide them with temporary relief, but they suspect I can teach them a more permenant solution. They take the freebie in exchange for the first name and email. We send them the freebie fulfilling our promise.

Affiliate Marketing GuideIn two days, we begin feeding them the freebie bite at a time. The freebie really does of the solution, but it’s not easily done. They’ll be needing us and the report explains why they’ll need us. However, it also, educates them as to how we approach the problem and the solution we recommend. In fact, we bring them back to a point of decision multiple time during our follow-up email flow.

Everytime we bring a qualified prospect to a point of decision a few make the decision to pull the trigger. So, let’s look at the numbers. If we drive a 1000 qualified prospects to our website via PPC and our lead magnet (freebie giveaway) is good, extremely valuable then we should see 50 to 70% optin rate for our freebie.

We now have approximately 600 of the 1000 visitors having opted-in to get our offer. Now, we can get back in front via email, about 7 to 10 over a ten to fourteen day period. Plus, when they signed up our autoresponder we deliver their report via email automatically. But, in addition, we sent them to our one time offer. In our case this is our resell rights products report about how to become a for profit PLR publisher. Then of course, the subsequent emails bring them back to a point of deision each time. Plus, they get to see a lot more education as to why this is a good decision.

Of the 600 who sign-up on the first visit to the decision about our offer 2% say yes, this is 12 new customers. The next email brings them back to the decision and we get another 1.6% to buy and so on and so forth. You should always remember, Zig Ziglar said, “There are 7 nos to a yes”. Simply, put the more you ask the more you get.

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