Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Wealthy Affiliate Is It Worth It
Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?
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Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

You bet your sweet bippy!! Honestly, I have been working at affiliate marketing for quite awhile now. Recently, I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate’s website. I signed up for the free membership, immediately. Then I stepped in and took a look the community, the training, and finally how active the membership area is…

What did I find? Awesomeness, pure awesomeness that what! What I like best is really quite self serving or at lest it seems like it to me. It’s the ability to help other marketers with questions to which I know the answers or think I know anyways… LOL.

The other thing I like is getting my own questions answered. Those answers come quickly and efficiently, too! Their customer service or support department is 24/7 by 7. They fix any issue fast, real fast! The guys have really built something to last… 10 years plus, now.

So, is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It? Again, I give you a resounding aye captain ;-). You really need to take it for a ride. I started of on the free version, but with-in two days of playing, examining and using the platform I became a premium member. It was a really easy decision. I know it will be for you too!

What is Wealthy Affiliate (WA)?
The simple explanation, it is a web platform for entreprenuers looking to learn how to promote other people products and sevices. Well this is how I see it. But, then I see myself as a salesperson not a product producer.

I’d rather promote and sale somebody else’s stuff. If this is you then WA is for you. This platform provides affiliate training, products/services to promote, a community to help you promote and hone your craft. All the tools you’ll need to do so.

Tools provided:
Website building platform
Website monitoring
Website hosting
SSL certificates
Domain registration
Traffic generation training

I could go on and on, but I think you’re getting the gist of it all, right? They provide all you need to get to a residual income online, isn’t this what you’re looking to build? Then this is the place, stop and get your free account right now! Register Now.

Bonus stuff WA provides:
Where to find affiliate products and services
How to build and use affiliate links
Converting your traffic into buyers
How to build a residual income
Awesome tools, training, leadership, friends, associates and moola!


The Two Main Areas of Course Focus:

1) Online Entrepreneur Certification – 5 Part Course – 10 Chapters in each course. Teaching everything from niche selection to launching your offering or affiliate sales system.

You should stay focus on niches you’re passionate about. You can proceed at your own pace, until you are Online Certified Entrepreneur!

2) Affiliate Bootcamp – 7 Part Course – 10 Chapters in each part. This is all about selling other peoples stuff for commission, period.

This is really evergreen training, but even so WA launches on a regular bases new current training and techniques to help you stay cutting edge.


Here’s a member who cleared $8K one December, talk about a nice Christmas season! Here is a screen shot of his Google analytics showing where the traffic came from, all was mostly organic from producing great content:

Wealthy Affiliate Worth It
WA member Branton (@bthiel) Learn more…

So, is Wealthy Affiliate worth it? I guess so…

Here’s another WA member’s claim to fame:

Wealthy Affiliate Worth It
——————> $0 to $10k In 3 Years DomW – WA Member Learn More…

Again, you ask, “Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?”

These are not the only testimonies I could present to you. As Dom said, “It doesn’t happen over night.” It takes persistence, staying at it, never quit attitude, period!

It takes hard work and a willingness to be humble. You can always learn something and that something will take you to the next level in your business.

At Wealthy Affiliate you’re in training, training to win. An Olympic weight lifter doesn’t start with a world championship lift, he works and works until he is ready and then he produces a gold medal world class lift. You too will have to have patience to succeed!

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Don’t wait any longer take action nowWealthy Affiliate Worth It?

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