Being A Face In The Community

Face in the Community

The majority of offline marketing must by necessity be done in the local area to be efficient. In this respect, it is beneficial to make yourself as much of a local face as it is possible to be without everyone getting sick of you. Getting your picture in the paper on a regular basis is good. If your actions garner a headline like, “Local Blowhard Puts Nose In Other People’s Business Again,” then your actions could prove to be damaging.

Being a community face is something that need not be hard to achieve. People will be more likely to think of your company when they need it if they see your name and face on a regular basis. Of course, it is important that they associate your name, face and identity with positive things, but as long as you are not that pompous blowhard this need not be difficult to achieve.

Getting involved at a local level means doing things like raising awareness of public safety and health issues. If you are always writing to the local newspaper to complain about the scruffiness of local children, then you’re verging on blowhard territory.

Taking the role of a helpful, interested citizen will pay off, in the long run. Without even thinking about it much, people tend to gravitate towards businesses with positive associations. Getting involved at a local level need not cost you anything at all. But, remember, if you are prepared to contribute to a local charity then there is always good that comes from these sorts of actions.

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