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An eternal rule of promotions is “Celebrity sells”. There are many factors that create this rule. The appearance a Hollywood star inside an marketing promotion will most likely raise more awareness. Thus, folks are more inclined to be aware of your product or promotion. If people think that the celebrity really uses the product, this moves people to take action and generates more sales of the merchandise. And when the general public sees you have the capacity to attract a high profile promoter, it lends to your trustability.

In cold-eyed marketing terms, however, there’s no disputing the truth that getting the endorsement of the local celebrity (or perhaps a national celebrity if you’re able to afford it or in some way convince these to participate in your campaign) is a huge seller. Now in regards to attracting clients, star power continues to be amongst the surest methods for getting more sales. If you cannot attract a significant sports personality, or perhaps a TV legend, then think a little more broadly. Who’s the neighborhood girl or boy who made good? Failing that, who’s the star players involved in the more popular sports teams in the region?

The most crucial factor in attracting clients through star power would be to pick a celeb who has used your product(s) or service(s). Many celebrity endorsements have fallen flat because the celebrity simply read from the card, “I am a large fan of the service or product”. If star is willing to network with his peers his/her ability to bring success to your project soar.

When possible always grab a celebrity for your promotional event or ad campaign. Your sales will almost definitely be impacted by their endorsement or recommendation. However, you should remember they are tying their reputation to you, your offer, and your company. So, remember, you must always do the right thing with your sales and customer service, if you wish them to endorse your next product.

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