Video Marketing Done Correctly Is A Homerun!

Video Marketing

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Video marketing may be the marketing strategy of the year. Why? If you weren’t already aware Google owns YouTube. Google owns search, need I say more?

So, if you can get a video ranked high on YouTube, then your rankings on Google will improve as well! This is 100% true and verifiable. Wait until you learn this little trick. It will drive target traffic and increase your bottom-line. Isn’t this why you’re in business, to support your family and lifestyle?

“That’s easier said than done, right?”

Well, ask yourself this: After you’ve created your video, uploaded it and done the proper keyword research, how do you increase its rank against other keyword phrases? This is the question, right?

Fact is, you’re not the only one out there who is trying to rank on a specific keyword phrase your competitors are too! Plus, you have vertical businesses who can show up for an occasional keyword phrase, too!

And that’s just the *TIP* of the iceberg.

Video Marketing Is Simple, But There Are A Lot Of Moving Parts;-)

There are social signals to consider… LSI keywords… backlinks… description… tags… transcriptions and more to consider! If you even know what some of these terms are and/or mean, right? It is all a bit overwhelming, you know? This is where we come in… We are in your corner.

With our “Tube Traffic Mayhem” course you’ll learn all the do’s and don’ts of video marketing; so, that Google gives you special treatment over *millions* of other videos!

Here are a few of the things you will need to learn to rule the day web video marketing…

You will need an understanding of YouTube and how to use it as a marketing system. You’ll need to learn all the ins and outs. Including how to get started. What tools you’re going to need. All the set-up and deployment of a YouTube channel.

One of the big problems the DIY crowd has is maintaining video quality. You will need and want to know how to comply with YouTube’s video marketing standard for high-quality video and audio files. If it does not look good then your marketing results will suffer and so will your profits.

One of the primary parts of web video marketing is understanding how to find great keywords. However, not only great keywords but keywords which generate profitable projects and therefore revenue. You need targeted traffic with their wallets in hand ready to spend dollars, right?

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords help Google and YouTube know what your video is all about. This is what helps you drive the targeted traffic, for which you are looking!

One of the task you will have is to upload, in compliance with YouTube, video; so, you can make sure it is search engine friendly and ranks more easily. You need to understand headlines and close caption among other things. You want to give yourself every chance to rank for those money-making keywords you found during your keyword research phase.

When it comes to YouTube & Google understanding where you would like to see your videos show-up in search results will depend on the following criteria, video title, the description, and the tags. You will want to be sure to use high ranking, low competitive LSI keywords.

A great way to increase your video rankings is by transcribing your video. Then you can put the transcription in your video description and upload it the closed caption area of YouTube. You can find low-cost quality transcribers on via a Google search.

Of course, your video’s social signal is important in our social society with all the social media channels, YouTube being one itself, but what is important to understand Google is using these social signals in their ranking algorithm.  So, you must have a strong social signal.

You can build these social signals to boost the ranking of your YouTube video exactly where you desire them to be found.

Finally, you’ll need to increase your YouTube likes, comments, and sharing in such a manner that they will improve your search rankings. When done right YouTube can bring you high-quality pre-sold traffic daily. So, let’s get it right, what say you?

Just think… Your primary offer and the sales you’re seeking all come from a steady stream of targeted traffic. You’ve worked hard to this point why not learn all you can about one of the easiest ways to rank in Google’s search results pages, web video marketing makes it all happen. Here’s some more information about how to accomplish your goal!

Master YouTube and never work hard for your traffic again!

To your success!

Rod Noran | Senior Account Manager

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