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So, how does one best use web video marketing? This is a great question, but a better question is how does one do it right! We will be covering three things in this article what is web video marketing, why do it & how to do it. We have included a how to do it blueprint; however, we won’t be able to get detailed enough about the topic in this brief article. I will point you to some solid training which cost less the $10.

What is Web Video Marketing?

Okay, I think the best way help you understand what web video marketing is would be with a visual…

Web Video Marketing ProofSo, let us note the things we should pay close attention. First, we are ranked page one. This happens same day most of the time for the correct keywords. We look for ideal keywords, which are searched frequently. We shoot for one thousand searches minimum.  We look for the highest searched traffic with the weakest competition. Once you identify the correct keywords it is not hard from there.

“Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours
on YouTube and generate billions of views.”

Also, you should note how the video stands out from the rest of the search page results. It really yields itself to be clicked on, don’t you think? Heck, they probably didn’t even click it. When they can just pick-up the phone and call.

Let me make this statement right of the bat. One video will not be enough to see a huge impact. However, putting up a dozen or more can greatly impact your business. It is a simple rule the more the merrier, for sure.

Once you have enough video clips on your channel you can put together a playlist. So, let us take the subject of video marketing. I have a product that has ten lessons about video marketing. I could and should create ten clift note videos for a playlist. Google’s YouTube loves playlist.

“YouTube has more than 1 billion users all over the world.”

Why Do Web Video Marketing?

What makes video marketing so strong is a video can communicate your crucial message in a few minutes.  Whereas, your web site’s written content has to be engaging. In fact, if you have the means, it would be better to have a professional copywriter pen the content. Or, you can turn to video which doesn’t have to be professional to get your central message across to your viewer.

This is web video marketing, if you have questions ask them in the comment section below and I’ll be happy to get them answered.

“The numbers of hours people are watching on
YouTube each month is up 50% year over year.”

How To Do Web Video Marketing?

All I’ll be able to do here is to give you a basic overview of the video marketing. So, let us begin…

Web video marketing is rapidly becoming a great new way to generate traffic. So, I want to present a brief outline of the steps you need to take to become a video marketer. Remember, I leave you with a link to a extremely affordable training.

  1. Claim your YouTube channel. You’ll want to login to your Google account. The navigate to YouTube. You may have to login to YouTube as well. The first step is to brand your company’s YouTube channel. Once logged in you will want to change the header and logo to your brand.
  2. Create a video game plan. Your game plan will need to be mapped out into several parts. You will want to map out a video strategy which will communicate your primary objective whatever that intended goal. This means whatever number of videos you’ll need to get your message across. You will also want to create a publication calendar.
  3. Create lead magnet. Your funnel should consist of a lead magnet (a freemium offer). This can be a product blueprint in PDF format, a free trial, or a whitepaper. It needs to be something inviting enough so that your prospect is willing to give up their first name and email in exchange for your document or offering.
  4. Create a squeeze page. This is a landing page where your prospect will supply you with the first name and primary email in exchange for your freemium.
  5. Create a download page. This is a page where you will deliver your freemium and offer and upsell if you choose to do so.
  6. Deploy your videos. You will want to include a link to your squeeze page in each video’s description. If you decides to create a playlist be sure to create video commercials for your offering. Place these commercials between each of your training videos; of course, these videos will have a link to your offer.

This is a basic outline of a web video marketing strategy. You should find it to be more than adequate in helping you to create the kind of leads and sales system you desire.

I have created a how to web video marketing program you should checkout. Here is a link to learn more about it!



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