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How To Web Video Marketing

Found a great piece on how to video marketing, today. I thought you all would enjoy the read. So, I’m creating a curated post for your enjoyment. I hope it makes sense!

Here in a minute I’ll expound on my take away. First, the author’s argument made perfect sense. He is all about video marketing for position in Google. He’s seen it work. So, in this blog, he speaks directly to what he believes, concerning the impact of video marketing on your business. Here’s what he had to say:

So, there is a great need to know how to video marketing locally, regionally and nationally. It is a great way to drive traffic to your offer pages. Especially, YouTube, primarily because it is a Google property. We all know YouTube videos appear in Google search engine result pages.(SERPs)
But, why the hunger for learning video marketing? The reason is easy to figure, not only because of Google SERPs; but, also, because of the short attention span of today’s web surfer. Plus, it doesn’t hurt YouTube videos really standout in SERPs.

There is a ton of information on the web about all kinds of topics. If you are going to standout in the marketplace what better way to do it than having YouTube videos in Google’s SERPs. It like having a display ad in the yellow page, except they cost a whole lot more than videos in the SERPs do. After all, you can cover all the information in a five page website during a 3 of 4 minute video tirade.

Okay, so here’s what I took away. Two real takeaways in my mind; first, video sales better than print. I’ll give him a big hey, hey on that one. The other is how deeply tied to YouTube Google search has become! Literally, you can get a YouTube video to rank extremely quickly in Google search engine result’s pages.

This is a big deal in the world of search engine optimization. There are people working real hard to get pages into the top ten of Google. However, A YouTube marketing specialist can get your page ranked in hours. We found a training platform you should check-out in this genre!


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